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TIE Tanks and Variants by multihawk
TIE Tanks and Variants
Breaking off from the traditional way I present these type of models, I made a few TIE Tanks  for the Expanded Fronts mod as was requested. I took some inspiration from preexisting land-based TIEs', like the Mauler and Crawler. This time I added rocket pods as was specifically requested. The overall shape is like that of the Tie Advanced, while the canopy area is reminiscent of a B-29 Superfortress. A hatch is present on top for the driver to enter and exit with relative ease. One of the working names of one of the rocket-based tanks is Tracked Missile Launcher, or TR-ML for short.

I also included a couple of images of how these tanks will be presented in-game. 

Mod link:…


Of course there isn't a Wookiepedia entry on these tanks since they are conceived just for this mod, but it is pretty obvious to see what roles these tanks play on the battlefield.


Made with Sketchup, rendered in Kerkythea.
Mini 3d Printed Collection by multihawk
Mini 3d Printed Collection
A sampling of some of my designs I had 3d printed via Shapeways. I made these miniatures to scale with 6mm tabletop wargaming. As of October 7th, Shapeways lowered the price of one of their most popular materials, White Strong and Flexible plastic, and thus lowered the costs of nearly all my products, which is awesome to say the least. 

The quarter is there to show scale.

From left to right:
"Snubfin" Fighter:…
"Phalanx" Attack Walker:…
"Armadillo" Mech Hunter:…

Link to my shop:…
'Armadillo' Render and 3d Print by multihawk
'Armadillo' Render and 3d Print
Another one of my designs that I got 3d printed from Shapeways. I chose to go with Polished Orange Plastic, somewhat of an opposite to the blue plastic material I used for my 'Snubfin' Jet, which I uploaded a while back. Overall I like how it turned out; however some details are harder to see since the polish does cover up some of it but overall I'm satisfied. 

Here's a link to the model:…
Jedi Scout Fighter by multihawk
Jedi Scout Fighter
Once again, another model and render I did for the guys at Expanded Fronts, a big mod for Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. This time I modeled a Clone Wars era Jedi Scout Fighter, which is featured in The Yoda Chronicles, an 8-part Lego Star Wars mini-series. It was quite a challenge translating a Lego model into a 3D one, and even more so since the only source images I had were of the Lego model itself! No other 3d model of this fighter exists besides the one I did apparently! Overall I dig the design of this fighter a lot; props to the people at Lego for making such a sweet design. 

Mod link:…


There isn't a Wookiepedia entry on this craft, so I can't really provide any background on this fighter. All I know is that this fighter belongs to Jek-14, a Force-sensitive Sith clone made by Count Dooku who later defected to the Republic.


Made with Sketchup, rendered in Kerkythea.
'Snubfin' Render and 3d print by multihawk
'Snubfin' Render and 3d print
A model I made a couple months back, which I rendered and had 3d printed using a service called Shapeways. I was very pleased with the results and how my jet design came about. The material (blue polished plastic) is quite sturdy and the details show up pretty well. 

The jet is to scale with 6mm tabletop wargaming, as most of my designs in my shop.

Model was made in Sketchup, rendered in Kerkythea.

Link to the fighter:…


Hao D.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I enjoy working with Sketchup, making sci-fi vehicles and concepts. Inspirations include many RTS games and sci-fi movies and games in general.
Feel free to leave comments regarding my works! If you have a question, do not hesitate to ask!

I also have a shapeways shop where I make sci-fi miniatures and put them on sale. The link is below!

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