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Hao D.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I enjoy working with Sketchup, making sci-fi vehicles and concepts. Inspirations include many RTS games and sci-fi movies and games in general.
Feel free to leave comments regarding my works! If you have a question, do not hesitate to ask!

I also have a shapeways shop where I make sci-fi miniatures and put them on sale. The link is below!


Free Shipping at Shapeways! by multihawk
Free Shipping at Shapeways!
For those interested in my miniature designs, Shapeways is holding another Free Shipping promo this weekend.

This is just a sampling of the many products I have on sale. I sell many things from 6mm-scaled miniatures to custom Transformers weapons, made to fit any Transformer with 5mm holes.

Check the links below for some of my designs printed in reality!





If you like custom Gunpla parts and other sci-fi minis, check out Metal Core Collectibles from my friend KNight!

MCC Link: Metal Core Collectibles
Custom Transformers Weapons Compilation by multihawk
Custom Transformers Weapons Compilation
A compilation of every custom weapon I have designed for deluxe/warrior-classed Transformers figures up to this point. I love designing weapons and I love Transformers, so combining those two things was inevitable. Using Sketchup to model and Shapeways to 3d print the weapons, I was able to build up a sizable arsenal of weapons for our fellow Cybertronians.


These weapons can be found in the section in my shop dedicated to Transformers weapons:…


Figures used: 
    - Top pic: Generations FOC Twintwist, Generations FOC Sideswipe
    - Bottom pic: Generations Hoist, Combiner Wars Breakdown
X-91K 'Spitfire' Aero Racer by multihawk
X-91K 'Spitfire' Aero Racer
My entry into the FCAI Martian Aero Races, hosted on the Sketchup Overdrive group. 

It was a nice change of pace making this racer, as I usually make models associated with the military in some way. Though habits never die, as I included the military in the backstory of the Spitfire, along with naming this racer after the British Spitfire from WW2. I can't help it! :P

Designed and modeled in Sketchup; rendered in Kerkythea; Inkscape for presentation.

3D Printed Sci-fi Miniature Vehicles by multihawk
3D Printed Sci-fi Miniature Vehicles
This is what I've been working on for the past couple of weeks, a batch of sci-fi vehicles! I foreshadowed these minis with my Sci-fi Vehicles and their color schemes, and I chose the last color scheme out of all the ones presented. I didn't have Shapeways print out the Supertank as it was pretty costly, so I modeled and had them print out 2 mechs instead. Shapeways did a fantastic job of bringing these guys to life, and I'm satisfied with the results.  

The material I used was Full Color Sandstone. The minis are also available in regular plastic as well. Full Color Sandstone is a wonderful material and I have had good experiences with it in the past, such as my minimalist Batman figure

From left to right, based on the top picture:

  "Tavo" Recon Vehicle - The Tavo Recon buggy is a quintessential scout vehicle as it uses its high-tech surveillance equipment to spy on enemy movements. To fend off against any attackers, it is armed with twin cannons above the canopy. When faced with overwhelming odds, the Tavo can quickly evade hostiles with its maneuverability.

  "Vakone" APC - 
The Vakone APC is the perfect support vehicle on the battlefield. In addition to ferrying infantry to the frontlines, the Vakone is armed with rocket pods to fend against enemy armor and aircraft if they dare get close. The Vakone has a fine balance between armor and speed, allowing it to take a fair amount of punishment before swiftly maneuvering out of danger.

  "Kane" MBT - 
The Kane Main Battle Tank is a fearsome machine to behold. Armed with not one or two but four heavy cannons,allowing the Kane MBT to dish out heavy damage to anything that stands in its way. With its heavy cannons come heavy armor, allowing the Kane to stay on the battlefield longer than any potential enemy. 

  "Kayato" Warmech - 
The Kayato Warmech is a mighty machine, standing high above many tanks and other vehicles. It is armed with an array of weapons including 2 large anti-tank cannons acting as its arms along with a twin barreled autocannon for dispatching enemy personel and light armored vehicles. Countermeasures are also prevalent to protect from incoming enemy fire.

These vehicles are scaled for 10mm tabletop wargaming.

More images can be found **here**

Overall, I'm happy with how these minis turned out. The color quality is nice and the material is solid. It's good to see a project done right before school starts!


These miniatures along with my other designs can be found here:…


I designed and modeled these minis in Sketchup.
Sci-fi Vehicles + Color Schemes by multihawk
Sci-fi Vehicles + Color Schemes
I've been working on some new sci-fi military vehicles recently. I've also been working on their color palette, experimenting with a wide variety of colors. Some look better than others, and that's ok. I'm experimenting for a reason!

From right to left, we have a super tank, a main battle tank, an APC, and a scout vehicle.

These fellas are for a little project I plan to unveil this coming week, so keep your eyes peeled!


Designed and modeled in Sketchup.

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